08 февраля / 2018

Russian Ambassador hosted a cocktail party on the occasion of the Diplomat’s Day

On 7 February 2018 the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Brunei Darussalam H.E. Mr. Vladlen Semivolos hosted a cocktail party at his residence on the occasion of the Diplomat’s Day of the Russian Federation. The event was attended by a distinguished audience – heads of diplomatic missions, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Prime Minister’s Office and business community of Brunei Darussalam.

The holiday to commemorate the founding of the Russian Diplomatic Service was established by the President of Russia H.E. Mr. Vladimir Putin in 2002. Since then every year on 10 February it is honoured by Russian diplomats all over the world – in Moscow headquarters, regional offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and missions abroad.

Russian Ambassador to Brunei H.E. Mr. Vladlen Semivolos presented his welcoming remarks emphasizing the significance of the diplomatic profession nowadays. “Global challenges and conflicts tearing the world apart bring the work of the international diplomatic community to the front. It has been proved by history that only through dialogue can we achieve lasting settlement of disputes, only through joint efforts can we effectively fight common threats”, he said.

The Ambassador underlined that Russian diplomats carry out their noble duties on a daily basis by promoting a stable international environment where all countries would enjoy equal rights, respect, and peaceful development. “Tirelessly they are fighting double standards and hidden agendas, protecting international law and seeking solutions to the most acute regional crises and global threats, sometimes at the cost of their own lives”, he stressed.

The guests of the party enjoyed traditional Russian desserts and pastries.