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28 апреля / 2018

Ambassador Semivolos on the World Cup 2018 in Russia

BRUNEIANS travelling to the Russian Federation to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 are advised to apply for a personalised visitors card or FAN ID which provides visa-free multiple entries into Russia over the period of the football tournament.

The FAN ID will ensure a comfortable and safe visit to Russia for all international citizens and free travel on the matches’ days to the 11 host cities as well as visit tourist destinations during their stay.

This was highlighted by Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Brunei Darussalam Vladlen Semivolos during a press conference for the upcoming World Cup Weekend on May 12 and 13 at the Royal Brunei Recreation Club recently. Bruneians planning to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia should take advantage of Visa-Free FAN ID by applying in advance on the www.fan-id.ru website. They are required to key in the ticket reservation number and personal details in the application.

“Currently, Bruneians enjoy a 14-day visa-free travel to Russia; however, with this FAN ID, you can stay for almost a month during the football tournament from June 14 to July 15,” he said.

The ambassador also revealed that 1,698,049 tickets have been allocated to fans worldwide since sales started in September last year, with the overall international demand accounting for 53 per cent.

During the latest allocation window on March 13, a total of 394,433 tickets were purchased by fans across the world at FIFA.com/tickets. The top 10 countries from abroad includes USA, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, China, Germany, Australia and India.

Thirty-two teams will take part in the football tournament playing in 12 football arenas hosted by 11 cities across the Russian Federation. The largest venue is the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow with 81,000 seats capacity.

Wolf Zabivaka won the rights to be the official mascot for the upcoming World Cup. Zabiavaka means ‘the one who scores’ in Russian who radiates fun, charm and confidence.

Published in “Borneo Bulletin” on 29 April 2018. Author:  Aziz Idris