Embassy of the Russian Federation in Brunei Darussalam
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General Rules of Admission

Applicants that are recommended by the foreign sending party will be shortlisted by the Russian interagency panel.

The foreign sending party submits the following documents for each applicant:

1) Completed application form with a colored photo.

2) Copy of the passport (pages that contain personal data should be easily readable in order to arrange the invitation, validity of the passport should be more than 18 months starting from the date of the issuance of the Russian educational visa).

3) Copy of the medical certificate (issued by the official medical facility of the applicant's country) of absence of counter-indications to study.

4) Copy of the medical certificate of absence of HIV and AIDS.

5) Copy of the education certificate with annexes that include list of studied subjects and results of final exams (marks/grades).

Each applicant who wants to enter bachelor's and specialist's programs should attach a certificate of middle/high school education that is considered equivalent in the Russian Federation to a certificate of middle/high school or intermediate professional education.

Each applicant who wants to enter master's programs should attach a bachelor's or specialist's diploma that is considered equivalent in the Russian Federation to a bachelor's (not less than 4 years education) or specialist's (not less than 5 years education) diploma.

All the submitted copies must be easily readable and have notary translation into Russian language.

Quantity of applicants for some of the disciplines and professions (including medical) can be restricted.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation reserves the right not to consider an applicant if the submitted set of documents is not full.

The relevant authority of a foreign country must guarantee the timely return of its citizen at its own expense (or at the expense of the citizen's relatives/sponsors) in case the candidate:

- violates the laws of the Russian Federation;

- completes the educational program;

- is expelled from a higher professional education facility;

- dies or has bad health conditions.

The abovementioned guarantees are considered effective from the moment the candidate has crossed the border of the Russian Federation.

Place of study (higher professional education facility and city) is determined by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

In the Russian Federation the academic year begins on the 1st of September.

Education is prolonged for one year for those candidates who don't speak Russian (in that case they enter the preparatory department first).

The candidate should arrive at least 20 days before expiry of his initial visa.

Arriving candidate should bring valid passport, original documents and certificates of education (with annexes), medical certificates and 7 photos (of 4x6 cm size). It is recommended to take proper clothes (considering the climate conditions of the Russian Federation) and primary financial means to cover the initial expenses.

The Russian side does not cover the price of the return ticket.

Enrolled applicant will be paid a monthly state scholarship allowance. Accommodation at a hostel is provided on the same conditions as for the Russian citizens who study through federal scholarships.

Candidates bear themselves the expenses of the airport transfer, transportation to the place of study and purchase of medical insurance valid in the Russian Federation. The approximate price starts from US$ 250 for the airport transfer and further transportation as well as from US$ 250 annually for the medical insurance.

The higher professional education facilities are not responsible for the entry and stay in the Russian Federation of the relatives of the enrolled foreign candidates.